We use a variety of professional products in our salon for the various services we offer. See below for more information, if you have any questions about services we offer or products we use please visit our contact page



Deposit-only hair colour, best used to match, deepen or change tone of natural hair colour. Colour is long-lasting (four to six weeks), and leaves little to no line of demarcation. The Matrix Demi-Permanent hair colour brands are Colour Sync and Gloss Sync.


Semi-permanent Colour Fresh is an ideal way to refresh colour vibrancy in between full colour services. With perfect gentless, the ph 6.5 formula delivers high performance conditioning that is perfectly synchronised with the Wella colour portfolio.


Embrace your creativity with Rusk hair colour. Rusk's ethos prioritises fashions, culture and attitude - so if you're looking for intense, contemporary colour that lasts the distance, you'll find it here.


Single extensions come in 0.5g, 0.8g or 1 gram.  Wefts come in 100g, 120g, 150g. All the extensions we use are 5A grade. Hair used from sleek to beauty works.


Nano Tip Hair Extensions are our new range of Extensions that are 90% less noticeable than traditional Micro Rings. Tipped with a high quality Italian keratin and a metal tip enabling the use of application using miniscule Nano rings.


Individual strands of hair with keratin at the tip which will be melted on to the hair this makes it a much stronger extension method.  The glue is especially formulated for hair, and is intended to wash away easily. It is a tacky substance that holds the extensions in place. This method has been around since the 1950s. It is one of the least expensive options for extensions.


Pre Bonded Stick Tip Deluxe Hair Extensions are available in a huge range of colours, bundled in packs of 20 strands and available in 16, 18 and 20 inch length. Similar to the nano rings, just another method.




The LA Weave is fantastic for creating length and thickness all in an instant, LA Weave is a fitting technique whereby the extensions are joined to your natural hair with the aid of a micro ring. The rings are made of hypo-allergenic aluminium or copper with a inner silicone lining. The rings are positioned close to your scalp with the rings then closed and clamped to your natural hair. A weft is then sewn to the micro ring which will act as a stud for the weft. With an LA Weave your hair can be pulled up in a ponytail without ever seeing tracks or huge bumps and lumps, your weave will however need retightening every six to eight weeks.


Plait weave is a very popular method of hair weaving in the African American community. In order to sew the weave into your hair, a we must cornrow your hair into a circle around your head. We may create several cornrows, braiding a circle inside the larger circle. The weave is then sewn into the cornrows.

Three tracks of hair for European and whole head for Afro Caribbean. This technique is used for coverage if needed.


Micro weaving is the most popular method of permanent extensions. It is a combination of weave extensions and micro ring extensions. It is proven to be lower maintenance and easy to install, remove and most importantly, to wear.



Founded in 1980, Matrix revolutionised the haircare industry and is now the number one professional hair care company in the US. With a wide range of products to suit all hair types, you will get salon perfect hair with every use.


Muk isn't for the mainstream. If you're an individual with attitude, Muk provides the formula - great products and great prices to give you the style and look you want. Be seen to be different! Everyone loves to Muk.


Dry hair often causes frizz, split ends and lack of shine. Inspired by the aloe plant that never seems to dry, Biology products help optimize moisture balance for healthy looking hair. Makes your hair up to 15X more moisturised after just one application.  
Matrix Biolage products ensures moisture levels in the hair are balanced, increasing softness and manageability. All products are produced with a paraben-free formula so are suitable for color-treated hair.


KeraStraight is a semi-permanent hair repair, straightening and smoothing system that transforms dry, damaged or unruly hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and feels incredible - Learn more